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GreenLife Tech Corp to merge with a European Publicly Listed Company

September 08, 2022, Vancouver BC

GreenLife Tech Corp, a private company, is pleased to announce the finalization of its merger with a European Publicly Listed Company.

The European Stock Exchange will now commence the due diligence process and procedures to complete the merger, which is expected to take around 120 days.  At which point GreenLife Tech Corp can reveal its merger partner.

This is an important step for the company and great news for investors. Once completed they will have the possibility to exit their investment through a public market. By becoming a public company there is also the possibility for the company to issue dividends to their investors, as well as being able to issue warrants and options.

GreenLife Tech Corp is incorporated in Canada and operates a plastics recycling facility in UAE.

GreenLife Tech Corp has state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing facility in UAE. In addition to the tax advantages offered by the UAE due to its high number of freezones, the UAE is also considered to be a strategically important hub for foreign trade, especially with China. The location in the UAE is therefore beneficial as the main customer for the produced plastic granules is the People’s Republic of China.

The factory is fully equipped with modern plastic manufacturing machinery, modern offices, comfortable employee accommodation, a 120-tonne weighbridge, loading and unloading facilities, etc. In addition, the factory is fully equipped with the latest machinery exclusively used for converting old plastic pipes into new ones.

GreenLife Tech Corp is a socially and environmentally responsible company that is striving to keep the environment clean for the next generations, while providing an opportunity for investors to invest responsibly and profitably.

Furthermore, the company is in talks with a European listed company about a joint cooperation, which will open doors in the European market.